About Us

Logan and Amy are a couple from Alberta, Canada, who have been a part of the Ostomy Family since 2016. Logan was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer at the age of 28 after a physician truly listened to his concerns. It had advanced to requiring radiation, two rounds of chemotherapy, and a permanent colostomy. Logan has become an advocate with his friends and family for men's health, as well, supporting local ostomates where he can. They found OstoSolutions when looking for better disposal of used colostomy bags, thinking there had to be more to offer than the plastic bags. These seals have been a life changer for Logan and he wants other Canadian ostomates to feel more confident and in control of their disposal from this life saving procedure. Amy is a Psychologist in Alberta and has worked through different forums to support the supporters and ostomates themselves create a healthy understanding of how their ostomy is part of their story. Together, they want to give back to our community, advance knowledge, decrease stigma, and increase availability of helpful ostomy supplies in Canada.